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Safe Dating Tips for DatingFuckBuddies.com

1 Meet in a public place that is familiar to you.
2 Never allow your date to pick you up from your home.
3 Don't allow your date to make arrangements for your travel or hotel accommodation.
4 Always have a friend to call on if you need help. Always let them know where you're going and what time you expected to be back. Call them to let them know you are all right and happy. Leave details of the person you are going to meet.
5 Consider going on a double date with some of your friends, or going as part of a group of people you both know. Not only a safe option, but this also gives you an insight into what kind of life your date currently leads.
6 Remember, when you meet someone for the first time (even though you have chatted to them online) they are still a stranger.
7 Don't accept a lift home if you feel uncomfortable about it, particularly on the first date.
8 Always have a contingency plan for the unexpected so you can get away quickly, and have someone close by you can call on.
9 Take a mobile phone with you ? make sure it is fully charged, working and has enough credit to make calls
10 It can take time to get to know someone properly. A person who is truly interested in you won?t mind if you want to take your time in a relationship.
11 Impostors and liars can be found anywhere, Online dating sites are no different. Dating Fuck Buddies's members have all been verified as much as we are able refusing membership to anyone we are not happy with. However we are obviously unable to be 100% certain, so taking the simple dating precautions shown here, will give you far greater peace of mind. Clearly we are unable to guarantee your safety.
12 Always use your common sense, keep in control and don?t be forced into doing something you wouldn't normally do.
13 And don't forget - Whatever your reasons for joining Dating Fuck Buddies, whether it be to find love or new friends - The main thing to remember is to have some FUN!!!